Michael Patterson

 Michael Patterson has lived in Charlotte, NC since 1993.  He graduated with a BFA in Photography and Painting from Louisiana Tech University in 1980. The past years have become a prolific creative period after construction of his studio in 2014.  The studio setting provided traction and a haven for experimentation. Collectively texture, movement, tension, and color allow a fluidity towards the indefinable feeling when a composition feels finished. 

 He shares, “Paint.  It is straightforward with a unique smell.  It’s quiet.  Dry. With a cold character.   I often paint with my hands giving me an ability to blend groups of colors with depth and volume or ever so thinly.  Compounded color provides texture in the 2D world I live in professionally as a painter and video editor.

 I intend for my paintings to become enrichments in my own journey toward appreciation of the arts. I wish for an individual to connect with a painting that provokes and maintains the initial reaction when first viewed.  But mostly I want you to appreciate the process so your investment will continue to be endeared.”

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