Multimedia artist Jason Woodberry enters civil and political discourse with Afrofuturist works
that imagine a world conjured from the will, potential, and past and present achievements of
Black people. His richly hued camouflage reimagines traditional military tactical kit as a
contemporary tool of cultural survival, visual disruption, social harmony, creative expression, and
an anchoring of identity. The LHAXX Afrofuturistic text/hieroglyphics are an evolving aesthetic
language inspired by his own genealogical research and the poignant and complicated cellular life
of unwitting medical test subject, Henrietta Lacks. The works reference perception, ownership,
and the relational. Envisioning exhilarating futures, Woodberry’s ring works embrace Africa’s oft
looping and cyclical relationship with time where the past resides in the future, as the future lives
in the past, and the present dictates the relationship between the two. Woodberry’s exhibition and
residency history include McColl Center for Art + Innovation, Ackland Art Museum, and
Miami’s Locust Projects. His multimedia initiative, Intergalactic Soul, with collaborative partner
Marcus Kiser remains vibrant.

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